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9-1-1 Reality Simulation
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9-1-1 Desktop Academy

Complete 9-1-1 Curriculum Loaded On A Desktop Computer 10 units and OnLine Course Available

9-1-1 Reality Simulation

Multi Tasking Simulator Loaded + Training Tools + Certification - Canada Version Also

9-1-1 Reality Training Simulator w/ Full Academy

 Multi Tasking Simulator Loaded + Full 9-1-1 Curriculum Loaded 

911 StarZ PLUS Simulator Station

 Multi Tasking Simulator + Certification + Training Tools US & Canada Versions

NEWSFLASH.  Need to train your people on TEXT TO 911?  Let them practice with 911 Reality PLUS click to view Plus Specs to be released September 2014 - get the intro pricing and ask for a quote today.  NEWS! Vocational training courses are desperately needed.  See below 'Start A College Program'.  NEWS!  Let them practice multi tasking with phones and radio - there is no other way to train in this crazy fast paced environment for less than the cost of losing even one trainee!  DISPATCHER LOST HER HOUSE - HELP HERE

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