ALL Setup Videos Here   Go to this Dropbox folder and find your appropriate setup video –  BASIC / PLUS / or MULTIPLE STUDENTS. 

Download and install FREE REPLAY player for student recordings here.  setup_Replay_v1.5.7.4  At the simulator save all *.rec files for learners on a flash drive.  Learners can play their own calls at home, trainers can play in the classroom or for the floor trainer how that learner did.

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OLDER MODELS MAPS AREN’T SHOWING UP??  Uh OH 9-1-1 Reality Simulator PLUS – you may have noticed that MAPPING is giving you an error message.  Here is why.

  • 9-1-1 Reality software uses Open Street Maps for your mapping feature.

  •  Maps in our software use EXPLORER (IE) to access Open Maps. Microsoft killed IE June 22

Oh NO! What Now?