9-1-1 Zone, Skills Training and Test


BEST SELLER!  Actual comments from users. “The Zone has made a huge impact on my students.  When they do sit alongs, they clearly identify the different skills they studied in The 9-1-1 Zone.”  -AND-I won’t hire anyone that cannot pass Zone exam – ever again.


Please download all the zip files here.  The audio files are a link to DropBox.

This highly popular product is the ONLY 9-1-1 skills training and assessment product for TRAINERS in the Comm Center or teachers at career tech schools.

PART ONE -Trains the Trainer on training the skills needed to thrive in the 9-1-1 environment. 911_Skillbuild-Trainer-No Audio The Zone identifies 12 skills with exercises and a booklet for the trainee.  Skills should not be learned on the floor – that is like learning to play the violin in public.

PART TWO – Tests the Skills – This highly popular skills audio exam is often used for hiring. This exam offer (4) skills exams worth 20 points each for a full view of a learner’s skill level.

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How does The Zone train trainers?  For too long, we have been telling trainees what to do but not why and how the skill fits into mastery in the work.  Take a look at one example of our training in the Zone.  We think you will love it – it covers 12 skills.   Can you name 12 skills a trainee must learn?  If not, you need the Zone.  You will receive both skill-building tools and the skill test.  Here is your trainer’s book to view. 9-1-1 Skillbuilding Trainer Guide


ZONE 1 – Multi Task Split Ear

This is one of our most popular skills testing. The student/new hire listens to the audio and places a color, numbers, or letters in the correct columns. The audio starts slow and gives one item at a time, let us say a color; then they overlap.  Both Adam Boy and Alpha Bravo.

Not many people get 100% the first time. Some people cannot finish and just give up, others get from 90-98%. If they get a high score, they are my best students in the class in every other aspect which shows its a valid test.  It is easier if they know the abbreviations of the colors before the test.” Donna Frazier Clover Park Tech.

Actual comments

“My student observed at a Comm Center as part of the class project. When he observed his person he was sitting with handle radio traffic, make a phone call to another agency and listen to another call on the phone, he saw how multi tasking was needed. Handling the radio and one call with the headset, and holding a handset from the phone with another. This made a huge impact of him and why we practice this skill USING THE ZONE.”  Donna Frazier Clover Park Tech

ZONE 3 – Visualization Example

In this task, there are four 9-1-1 hang-ups learners listen to. They record on paper or in CAD what they hear. They then tell me what the facts of the call are, and I write them on the board. Many times there are perceptions or inferences contained in the fact-finding mission. They will then tell me what impression they had about the call. What was it? Can you give it a call type?

In the discussion of the calls and their comments they document, many times there are assumptions that are made. We discuss the facts vs. assumptions and then the light comes on and the looks on their faces, they understand. Donna Frazier Clover Park Tech 911 Call Taking Course.

When you order we will send you a link to the audio files on DropBox as they are too big to download from the website.