A New Career For 911 Trainers

It was very difficult leaving my Comm Center for a full time teaching career at Renton Tech.  Weekends and summers off, great pay and a room full of people so excited about a new career in 911 just hanging on every word.  Working in a vocational college was amazing too, the teachers were from all fields.  I also enjoyed being the union president of the teachers association.  The best part – I was able to use my amazing profession in 9-1-1 to help others enter a GREAT career.  They say you learn when you teach and for sure!  My 11 years at the VoTech teaching people 911 was so very rewarding. If you haven’t contacted your local High School or Vo Tech – do this today and maybe it will change your life too – they hire teachers from this industry!  Read below a teacher about one of her students and the certificate she is talking about is the NECC certification.  We have a turnkey, plug and teach program waiting for YOU to go to your local college or high school and offer your knowledge, experience and love for this work.

Hi Donna, Thanks for forwarding her scores.  Great she scored amazing!!! She is a great student and will do well! Her typing speed like 60 wpm and she is personable, smart, efficient and this list goes on. Thank you for your assistance in this endeavor!!! You’re the greatest!

Oh yea, she said that it was easy because she was prepared….I was the one nervous! Lol  And I’m looking forward to our certificates!!! YAAAAY  


Everything a school needs is on this website.  They can have a turnkey program through a Perkins Grant and start training your next generation trainees for you – on their dime and their time.


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