Call Taking Mastery – 12 Tools


“So I asked those in the workshop, can you achieve MASTERY in this work?  Some nodded yes, some no, some blank stares.”   Come enjoy and train these ’12’ TOOLS OF THE TRADE.    So the correct answer is ABSOLUTELY.  You have tools, you use tools, now we name these tools in the concise book.  Sue Pivetta


This is a GREAT In-Service or Academy training resource.  What the industry did not do early on in the training programs is to NAME the tools that were used every day by the experts.  Yes, experts who had achieved ‘mastery’ in the work of emergency call-taking.  We don’t all do it differently.  Mastery is defined as success.  In every other attempt at every other work or sport, there are those who have achieved success.  So what is success in emergency call-taking?  That also needs to be defined.  This book brings forth an entirely new thought process.

The answer is YES you can achieve MASTERY.  The first and only training to offer a ‘TOOL BOX ‘ full of practical best practices.

This concise 36 page book explores competency levels, KSAs, tools, and practical and useful information for Emergency Call Takers.