9-1-1 Reality PLUS Text + Mapping


 Your Telecommunicator’s firing range or Resusi Anne – let them practice. Pre-CAD, Pre-protocols – entry-level learning the ‘foundation’ of the work. 

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Q. We have training on CAD and Protocols; how do we integrate the simulator? Can it be used with our CAD or protocols?

A There is NO substitute, no quick fix for simulation training.  Listen to Kathy, she is in a 911 college course, using a simulator to practice and learn skills.  Kathy was hired at Seattle 9-1-1 fully aware of what she needed to do on the floor. You can create a full SIMULATION LAB with 9-1-1 Reality Simulators for the very first step in learning skills, multi tasking, split ear and focus.

911 Reality PLUS Specs

Plus Price List Multiples for LABS 

Up to five Trainee Stations can be added to one Trainer. Multiple Trainee Stations – How this works!

This Trainee below is building skills on 9-1-1 Reality PLUS simulation.  She will be able to document her lab training, hear her calls, read her Trainers observation notes.  She will know if she is moving forward to CAD and protocol training and move quicker to the floor.   She is fortunate to be able to practice in a safe setting and will feel very confident.


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