9-1-1 Reality BASIC Simulator – Get Floor Ready


“Taking your first 9-1-1 call without first gaining knowledge and skills on 9-1-1 Reality Simulators is like learning to play the violin in public”. Sue Pivetta



9-1-1 Reality BASIC is designed to function as a stand-alone system – to eliminate any security or IT involvement.  Truly plug and train.  9-1-1 Reality BASIC is an affordable trainer’s tool that provides a real-world application to increase skills, proficiency, and retention – get FLOOR READY.  COMPARISON SHEET 911 REALITY

Pricing:   One Instructor/One Student 1:1 = $15,895.  No internet or IT needed. 911 Reality BASIC Specs

One Instructor to Two Students (Most Popular) 1:2 $23,842.

Can be 1:3. 1:4, 1:5 for Academy or Lab –  Request a Quote support@911trainer.com

Our simulators will expand and enhance your training for less than the cost of losing one new hire.  Help trainees become ‘work ready’ sooner.  With the current crisis, you want training to be more efficient and impactful.  You will know who to send to the floor and who to let go – much sooner.  Invest in your amazing training staff – give them a tool and save the stress and financial strain of high turnover in training.

9-1-1 Reality stations are configurable to fit your needs and space.  They are portable and can easily and effortlessly be transported to other locations for lab training. Communications Center PSAPs, Secondary PSAPs, Universities, Academies, Military, and Security understand that safety and liability are important reasons to train with SIMULATION!

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(3) 27″ View screens (2)  Mini Desktop Computer (2) Headset.  1-Year Full Warranty – additional warranty available. NO IT is needed, it’s plug and play – set up and train within an hour. No need for an internet connection. No yearly fees or requirements. Full warranty and extended availability. Video and online training for all trainers at no cost. This is not software, this is a computer-to-computer training system to place in a skills lab.



Multiple phone lines

Multiple radio channels

Recording storage’ * Login Screens

Trainee CAD reports * Instructor Notes

Traffic Stop Popup

Session recording

Screen video capture

Background Sounds

Call types Programmable

Units Programmable

ALI addresses Programmable

Wireless Call ID

Ring Down Lines

Wireless Calls

Business Line

Recording Studio

On Screen Capture

Plug and Play

Video Tutorials

Color Coded Responses

Realtime view of student CAD entry

Premise History and Flags

Warranty and no cost upgrades.


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BASIC $14,895.00, INSTRUCTOR $22,340.00