9-1-1 Reality Simulator Instructor Certification –  Trainers complete a comprehensive one-hour online certification course and final exam.  Learn everything needed to train SKILLS like multi-tasking, voice, focus, radio and troubleshooting.  Contact monica@911trainer.com to request your login code. Managers or Supervisors are welcome to take the certification.


Innovative, engaging online self-directed training for your new hires.  Give learners a ‘core understanding’ of this amazing work they deserve to know. The course can be modified to fit your needs!  Our platform is Teachable where learner progress is tracked with unit quizzes and validation of all reading and video watching.  We allow previews.


Download FREE REPLAY Recording Studio Player  ✹ Needed to play student recordings, at home, in the classroom from their flash drive!  Install on any computer, load up the call and listen. setup_Replay_v1.5.7.4

Talk to Us? We are in the office M-F PST 0800 – 1430. Feel free to call 253.435.0911 – human CHAT – we want you happy!  We answer ASAP!


Customizing    Using Sim APP


Your 9-1-1 Reality is delivered with 50-100 addresses for the city of your choice already installed.  We will forward your addresses to you in an ACCESS file ALI.mdb you can modify at a future date.  You can also use your SIMULATOR DATABASE MANAGER found on your simulator apps list – to add or change any address. If your agency wants NO ADDRESSING, we can make it so learners have to add the address. Here is an ACCESS template if you wish to do your own addressing.

These are direct dial to Gas Company, Ambulance, Power Company, Fire Station etc.  To change before delivery, within 7 business days send a list of 9 commonly called direct dial lines to us in an email to support@911trainer.com


We have DEFAULT Call Types (Apco and IAED mixture).  To change and add your own call types or responses, fill in the Excel worksheet. Download TypesAndUnitsTemplate and send it before delivery within 7 business days of your order. Note there are two pages on the xls template – call types and units (can be responses).  You can also modify the current default xls. TypesAndUnitsNEW.

If you wish to change or create your own call types or responses AFTER DELIVERY use Sim Database Mgr Only to add -or change them. Call types must be installed on both student and instructor.  This exe app is provided in a folder on YOUR 911 REALITY desktop under Customizing.


BEFORE DELIVERY You can rename the phone line labels and radio labels and add WAV files to sound effects by sending an email with requests ASAP to sue@911trainer.com

🤵🏻‍♂️OLD Owners Change Your Existing Files (address, call types, units).


We are in the office  : M-Thurs PST 0800 – 1430 |  Feel free to call  : 253.435.0911.  We want you happy!  We answer email ASAP!  We love to chat too, it’s a human.

Uh OH…

9-1-1 Reality Simulator PLUS – you may have noticed that MAPPING is giving you an error message.

Here is why.

1. 9-1-1 Reality software uses Open Street Maps for your mapping feature.
2. Maps in our software use EXPLORER (IE) to access Open Maps. Microsoft killed IE June 22

Now What?

We have an exe file that will fix the problem (yay).