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Over twenty years ago, Sue Pivetta had a problem.  Her 9-1-1 Multi-Jurisdictional Comm Center faced a hiring crisis;  “We were hiring five and losing seven.”  Once, at dinner with friends, someone asked why she didn’t go to the local career colleges and high school career programs for 911-trained and qualified people she could hire.  After all they teach criminal justice, fire science and EMT.

Good question?!  Bad answer! There were NO vocational or high school CTE training programs in the U.S. or Canada for her chosen life work.  What skills are needed to be qualified and stay successfully employed in this industry? Sue reached out to all local vo-techs to start a 9-1-1 career course.  Renton Tech College was excited to start the course.  Sue, along with the college dean and an advisory board of  9-1-1 professionals in the area, prepared the first vocational course curriculum in the nation.  A DACUM process was used over six months to write the 10-unit curriculum.  Although she loved being a Supervisor at Valley Comm, she felt teaching 9-1-1 was desperately needed, so she left. The college dean asked Sue to set up a LAB of equipment she could use for HANDS ON LEARNING.  For example, the culinary program had a kitchen, and the automotive program had a shop.

The lab needed phones, radios, and a recording device.  We pulled old Motorola CenterCom consoles from the basement of WA State Patrol.  The heavy old consoles had nicotine stains running down the side, but hey, they worked, kinda.  The students had to wear two headsets, one for phone and one for radio.  We had an old reel-to-reel recording device for documentation and evaluation, CAD from a startup CAD (the first attempts at CAD back then).  So yay.  But there had to be something better.

At a small APCO conference in Ohio, Sue found two retired radio techs interested in creating something like the drawing she had made.  I had to have at least four phone lines, two radio channels, headsets, a foot pedal, and some sort of caller ID. 911 STARZ (Simulation And Radio Training Zone) was born.  We painted the student console RED, and she was AWESOME. After ten years of happy Starz owners, it was about when computers were happening for CAD, etc.  Chris, our Manager and all-around research agent, found Adacel in Florida. Adacel created flight simulators and had a small training project for interns – creating a phone simulator for 9-1-1.   We looked at their product; it had 100 phone lines, no radio, and so forth.  It wouldn’t work.  Sue proposed a partnership to create something that would work. Sue assembled a task force of 9-1-1 professional trainers to determine what was needed for a perfect simulator.  Together 9-1-1 Reality Simulator was created! 

Over the years, through experience and feedback, 9-1-1 Reality became what was needed for academies, colleges, high schools, and Comm Centers for experiential teaching of the amazing work of 9-1-1 call-taking and radio dispatch.  During Covid, our colleges and high school programs asked for an online 9-1-1 curriculum, textbook, and course certification, so another 9-1-1 Coalition was formed, and another website was created for education.

Next step, expand our company to serve 9-1-1 education. became the foundation of 9-1-1 career education. The online course and our NECC Certification (National Emergency Communications Certification) with our 9-1-1 Coalition and Professional Testing Corp of NY NY (NENA uses them).  And now an online 9-1-1 course for citizens or Comm Center new hires can be found at

So, we have all come a long way.  We continually work to serve the needs of 9-1-1 training and education.  Our passion is the amazing work, the wonderful people, and our commitment to the best products and customer service – 100%.  Thank you all for your support of our small, women-owned company.  Respectfully, Professional Pride, Inc. TEAM.

Download 911 magazine article to learn more about the state of 911.

Sue Pivetta


eMail to talk about setting up a new CTE or college course. Sue is our founder and led a team of 9-1-1 professionals to create the 9-1-1 Reality Simulator, 9-1-1Academy and NECC Certification. Sue has over 40 years serving 9-1-1, supervisor at a multi-jurisdictional Comm Center, college instructor, author, speaker and consultant – passionate about creating a paradigm shift for 9-1-1.

Monica Mangus

Product Manager- Support

 eMail to schedule a JOIN.ME meeting, assistance with the academy, ask about website orders, get shipping/tracking information, update contact information, and for general inquiries on Simulators, Online Academy, NECC Certification, Textbooks, or other Training Materials/Resources.  Monica is our customer service representative and will always go the extra step to help.

Christine Ramirez

Vice President / Manager

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