Recent graduate of the Criminal Justice Operations program at Freeport HS, Jordan Smith.

The Criminal Justice Operations Program at Freeport High School in Freeport, Florida, proudly announces that recent graduates, Jordan Smith (pictured, left) and Christopher Garcia (not pictured), were hired at the Walton County Sheriff’s Office as 9-1-1 Communications Officers. WCSO and Freeport High School’s partnership allows students to easily transition into careers in law enforcement to serve their community.

TRI – C Academy

The simulator helped me learn many of the skills it takes to be a dispatcher. The simulator also helped me to use the knowledge that I had learned in the classroom and put my skills to the test. Additionally, the simulator is part of the reason I was hired at a dispatch agency because they liked I had experience and knowledge of the equipment.


TRI – C Academy


Cuyahoga Community College Dispatch Training Program.

The Simulator was great! It helped me by giving me a realistic view of what I would be looking and working with out in the field. The simulator made me comfortable and confident in the field I was soon to be working in. I recommend all classes work on the Simulator. — Crystal Hullum-Wiley

Wayne Mathews, Cleveland Clinic Police Department.

The Simulator is/was the perfect tool that we as trainees had the opportunity to experience. The simulator gave me a simulated real-life incident that prepared me for my current job as a Communication Officer with the Cleveland Clinic Police Department. Taking calls and completing a CFS in the CAD was an experience that the simulator prepared me to utilize the training I received in the Dispatch Communications class. Simulated real-life incidents is the best training tool a Dispatch student can go through. The saying is” Experience is the best teacher”! This is true in my experience with the simulator.  — Thank You Sincerely, Ofcr. Wayne Mathews #747 – Cleveland Clinic Police Department


911 Emergency Dispatch Course at McHenry County College.

This is the closest thing to taking real life 911 calls you can get. My students have to deal with everything from legitimate background noise from the classroom to artificial background noises that I can create within the simulator system. Watching their successes and seeing them work out the jitters of call-taking while on a simulator is irreplaceable.  — Stephanie Erb


Congratulations are in order!

Sara Koch excelled in the 9-1-1 Academy, did great during simulations using the 9-1-1 Reality Simulator and demonstrated that she was a great fit for the role of a Dispatcher in Public Safety.  She took her skills that she learned during the Tri-C Dispatch Academy and put them to work for her. Sara was hired by the Cleveland Division of Police in March of 2021 and successfully completed her probationary period, and she is now working independently. Thanks to the program and NECC, we are proud to present her as one of the successes of our course! Barb Harper, Tri-C Dispatch Instructor