“Sit”, I said, but instead he looked at me quizzically, his head tipping side to side, ears flopping gracefully. Fido was obviously considering my request – formulating a judgment. “Should I sit, why would I want to, what are the consequences of sitting, of not sitting, what is her intent and why now, why me, what are her motives and what would be the worst that would happen should I decide not to sit?” He sat.  It was a proud moment when I realized Fido had formulated an opinion after consideration or deliberation because Fido had the mental ability toRead More
Learning methods
There is only one training style that is needed, and that is an effective one. Trainers need not adhere to their most comfortable way of relating information; in fact, to do so would be out of order. A communications center trainer’s ‘charge’ is to deliver the information in any manner that can be absorbed. Many of our trainers feel they are unable to be creative or diverse in their approach to information delivery. We need to train in the most effective way and the most effective way is to offer a variety of ways. Trainers must be afforded access toRead More
A trained pony is not memorizing a right turn and a left turn, or considering if this move will result in a figure eight. The pony is reacting to the way the whip is pointing, he is in the moment. A critical thinker is in this moment, and other moments; the future and the past moments and even moments they have never experienced. The critical thinker looks at the whip and decides if what the whip is indicating is truly the right direction to accomplish the desired goal – or not. Therefore the thinking must fully understand the desired goalRead More
Dispatch simulator training
Our simulators were developed with the newcomer in mind. They are built with a generic CAD system that allows trainees an opportunity to develop their skillset using real life scenarios without the risk to the public and emergency personnel. Our simulators provide an opportunity for learners to establish and develop a workflow through a simulated call taking process, using a generic CAD. Each call generates a report with time stamps and an audio recording.  It is a great assessment tool.  You can also dispatch calls, too. If you want a trainee to go through the whole call taking process andRead More
Unfortunately, hiring and retention challenges continue to plague 9-1-1 centers nationwide. Due to ongoing staffing shortages, and mandatory overtime, the burn out rates are exceptionally high. There is a lot of effort put into hiring and training but it doesn’t seem to be working. What if there is another way? We believe that it is imperative that 9-1-1 agencies start working with high schools and colleges in their area to partner in offering pre-employment courses for a career in 9-1-1. Students that complete/graduate from a 9-1-1 career course walk away with a better understanding of what it entails to beRead More

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