DOWNLOAD THIS NEWSLETTER Emergency Communications is one of the most misunderstood,  underrated yet fascinating professions in today’s complex world.  What I mean by underrated here is in terms of training hours.  How many hours to train an EMT, a police officer, a firefighter.  I know in college courses many times it is assumed 40 hours is enough to get ‘certified’.  Or even 200 hours?  How about the exact same as police, fire or EMT.  We have 10 areas of study that must be mastered for the what I KNOW.  Next what SKILL as in what can I do with CAD,Read More
12 Provocations   This issue is dedicated to discussing the fine points of adult learning theory and how it relates to the Comm Center setting. What do we do that works, what do we do that does not mesh with current adult learning theory? How can we bring the blurry concepts (that most trainers feel from their finer senses) into focus in very real and practical ways. These 12 are meant to PROVOKE thought!Read More
Hiring Crisis download PLEASE tell me anything is different or I was wrong.  I hope I am.  NOTE:  I wrote this in 2000.  Write to Also in this newsletter are the following articles. Improving Your Reputation  **  POISON Condemnation Before Investigation ** Destination Unknown – Is Yours?  …..and much much more thoughts from Sue in 2000Read More
Sue Pivetta:  It was very difficult leaving my Comm Center for a full time teaching career at Renton Tech.  I was leaving the work I felt I was meant to do, but I also felt I was serving those still working by doing what needed to be done.  Weekends and summers off, great pay and a room full of people so excited about a new career in 911 just hanging on every word.  Working in a vocational college was amazing too, the teachers were from all fields.  I also enjoyed being the union president of the teachers association.  The bestRead More

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