9-1-1 Reality Pro-Comm Simulator – On AIR Radio


YES,THIS CHANGES EVERYTHING! Improve retention, confidence and skillls with 3 types of documentation. 

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“Our Telecommunicators are facing eight screens and a lot of distractions.  We want to add a third screen to the student station.  We want some sort of distraction so when they are call-taking, other things are happening like what they will face in the center. ” Cobb County & GA Public Safety Training 9-1-1 Course

We added agency radio continual – YOURS or our active shooter 1 hr (audio below).  Priceless.  There is no substitute (or quick fix) to training multi-tasking, split ear, sequencing, critical thinking, focus and making immediate decisions on call types and dispatch – all while being recorded and evaluated.

Immediate evaluations by the Trainer with Trainee Portfolio.   Download ProComm Specs

A Case For Multiple Students.  Trainer selects Station 1 to take the call. Red Bar Students listen and enter into CAD

Red Bar Students are exposed to critical thinking as they hear the Green Bar work.  All Students dispatch the call.

Only the Trainer hears each dispatch and can record the call and all dispatching to use in the classroom de-brief sessions.

Multiple Trainee Stations – How This Works.

Pro-Comm Price List Multiples – up to 5.