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9-1-1 Reality PRO-COM Simulation is the Telecommunicator – Resusi Anne, burn house, firing range – all in one amazing training tool every Comm Center Trainer needs (and wants). Get trainees confident, skilled and  ‘floor ready’. 

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BONUS, ONLY ON ProCOMM CRITICAL THINKING WORKSHOP – All EMD, Police, Fire scripted calls and HATs Workshop added on $1035 Value

9-1-1 Reality Plus has many of the features loved by Comm Centers but GA 9-1-1 wanted a few more!!  So we listened.  Here is what they said.

“Our Telecommunicators are facing 8 screens and a lot of different distractions.  We would like to add a third screen to the student station.  We want some sort of distraction so when they are call-taking other things are happening.  We would also like a foot pedal for radio as that is how the radio is answered here.” 

Done deal but even better we added the 3rd screen playing continual audio of ‘radio traffic’ lightly in the background.  This helps the learner to gain a ‘radio ear’ and learn to focus while still having a ‘split ear’ for any other information.  We asked GA to send us their radio audio if they could, but if not, we would play our ‘active shooter’ one-hour audio. What GA loves about the simulator most – no IT – plug-in and train to increase ‘skills, confidence, and agency retention’.

Here is what is playing continually for GA awesome 

And here is our default active shooter if custom radio files cannot be loaded.

FEATURES 9-1-1 Reality Pro-Comm Simulator

** Customized by buyer

27” Widescreen LED Monitor Screens

Noise Cancelling Headsets

Mini Lenovo Hard Drive Desktop Computers

N Router- Programmed

3rd Student Screen for Radio Traffic**

Foot Pedal for Radio Transmission

Expandable student stations up to 5**

Login Tracking Teacher & Student

Real-Time View of Student Activity

Student Activity Reports

ALI (addresses)** MCI or Active Shooter Calls

Call Types**

Units/Responses **

Multiple Phone Lines

Text to 911 – Two Lines

Built In Bad Address on Text

Map Showing Caller Location

Multiple Radio Channels

Traffic Stop/On View Function

FIRE EMS Tone Out Audio

Ring Down Lines**

Caller Cell GPS Calls**

Active Shooter/MCI**

Business Line**

Background Sounds**

Recording Studio

On Screen Capture

Plug and Play Setup

Instructor Real-Time Notes

Color Coded Responses

Premise History and Flags**

Video Tutorials

Incident Card PrintOut

Learner Portfolio

Audio Recordings

Student Logs

Instructor Real Time Notes

Hard copy and pdf version setup and user manuals

50 Scripted Calls

Critical Thinking Best Practices Scripted Calls Police/Fire/EMS


Software for the life of the hardware.

1-year hardware.  Extended warranty available for an additional cost.

Anytime Online Join.Me Training

Same-day email and phone support M-F / PST 0800-1400.


Why 9-1-1 Reality simulator in the Comm Center setting? 

Ready to work faster, with more skills, and more confidence. In addition, we added to 9-1-1 Reality 3 types of  DOCUMENTATION for evaluation of their work.   Documentation for passing probation, progressing to the floor or sadly letting a person go.  Multi-tasking training is built into the simulator.

What documentation? 

Of course audio recordings of all calls for floor trainers, logs on every call taken showing narrative and choices, and instructor real-time notes during the call.

What is the difference between BASIC and PLUS?  

PLUS has additional features of mapping using Open Street Maps and Text to 9-1-1 ability. PLUS then requires internet access for mapping.  BASIC is stand alone no internet or network is needed.  All other features are the same.

Do we require IT networking?

Both are plug and train – NO on-site setup visits or costs. Stand-alone systems that do not require additional security or updating.  The PLUS model has firewalls in the pre-programmed router.

Are there yearly fees or contacts? 


What IT support or training do you offer? 

Full phone, email, your schedule online screen training for all personnel, and training videos are loaded onto the simulator for all features. For all new trainers as well.

Warranty?  Returns? Fixes? 

One-year warranty on the equipment. Software warranty for the life of the equipment. Warranty Repairs

Can we integrate the simulator in our CAD system?

 9-1-1 Reality Simulators were designed with Comm Center trainers in mind.  Our design intent was to create a PRE-CAD generic training for any CAD system.  The muscle memory of entry is the same.  This is your entry level learning tool that will fill in what is missing in training – practice.

FLOOR READY – READY TO WORK SOONER!  With a full SIMULATION LAB your trainees will finally have a chance to practice the work of 9-1-1.  Improve retention and learn more about skills and abilities with simulation. Identify sooner who is ready to advance and who needs to go.  Comm Center PSAPs, Secondary PSAPs, Universities, Academies, Military, and Security – understand that safety and liability are important reasons to train with SIMULATION!  BONUS FEATURE – three types of documentation – real-time instructor notes, trainee logs for every call taken, and audio recordings for any/all calls in the lab training.

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