This Changes Everything!!

*Reduces Trainer Burn Out *Produces Floor Ready Trainees *Records Evidence Of Training *Provides Multi-Tasking Drills *Create Active Shooter Scenarios *Documents EVERYTHING *Customized to fit your agency *YES This Changes Everything!

Where Are Your Local 9-1-1 Career Grads? Waiting For Your Leadership. Trained, evaluated candidates. 40 – 80 Hour Classes Don’t Cut IT! Teach SKILLS. 9-1-1 learners deserve and need the same hours as the Police, Fire or EMT academy. Underestimated, Undervalued, Underserved – It Is Time For A NEW Paradigm.  Local vocational colleges have funds and their PURPOSE is to prepare citizens for in demand jobs.  Most high schools have public safety courses that do not include 9-1-1.  Because they do not understand the work or the need.

What Our Products Can Do To Enhance & Expand Your Training



Plug and Train Portable Simulator


Full 10 Unit 911 Online Anytime Trainee Course


Final Knowledge  Online Exams