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Have You Tried EVERYTHING?

To change the relentless turnover? To strengthen skills and confidence in your Comm Center Trainees? To invigorate burned-out Trainers? Well, if you don’t have a SIMULATION LAB with 9-1-1 Reality Simulators, you haven’t done everything. Exhausted yet? Don’t be.  Work with our team. Let’s change everything. We will help you follow other first responders and invest in tried and true hands-on EXPERIENTIAL learning.  Prepare trainees for the floor environment with distractions, multiple calls, text, and radio. Immediate trainer evaluation; recording, DOR, call logs to get FLOOR READY.

Watch Your Personal Simulator DEMO Here.  Open with Power Point! 

Imagine a full lab of 9-1-1 Reality Simulators with Trainees practicing call taking, multi-tasking, making decisions, interacting with callers, learning radio, texting 911 calls, and gaining skills and confidence. Trainers immediately observe, evaluate, and document while preparing Trainees to be – FLOOR READY. Floor Trainers will receive a full portfolio of Trainee audio recordings, call logs, and real-time Trainer observation. We will get your 9-1-1 Reality call taking and radio dispatch lab up and going in one month – then things will finally begin to change.  

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