10 Unit 9-1-1 Comm Center Online Academy Platform


Save Trainer Burn Out.  Give them TIME!  Energize outdated training materials. Get real documentation to increase confidence. And yes, this is a new concept, long overdue!  No need to pay outside trainers, courses!”  Sue Pivetta 2024



The 9-1-1 Online Academy is a 10 unit Teachable Platform to create your own IN HOUSE online training.  Use our innovative fun learning tools for each unit – and add yours.  Easily create your own lessons and quizzes.  The course can be self-directed used for downtime or entry level academy to enhance a full understanding of Emergency Communications!

We add your Agency and Logo and our ten units. YOUR Trainers to the rest to make it a truly beautiful course you can be proud of.  Your trainers and trainees deserve the best. Take charge of your own online course using our professional platform. No need to go to outside sources to train YOUR people.

 What have you got to gain?  We know, new thought, online training for new hires using OUR PLATFORM, your special protocols, quizzes and final exam. This is a new day where dismal retention requires different thinking and knowledge builds confidence.

Call and talk to Sue Pivetta 253.435.0911 and receive a free textbook.  See the topics below, the online course expands every unit into training tools using scripted calls, ebooks and more.  Trainers easily customize the training one time – or every time – for new hires.  Easy quiz maker for documenting.

*Price listed is (1) seat and (1) textbook + shipping.   The minimum (5) seats can begin your online course – use in any order up to one year. Order (5) for a full 10 unit self-directed 9-1-1 course & (5) text.  Order any over 5 if needed.  $25 online fee per trainee for final online exam – order here.