NECC Online Student Exams


NOTICE:  Anyone taking the NECC exam MUST use the REQUIRED textbook/manual, “9-1-1 Emergency Communications” Manual, currently in its 6th Edition.  This is required for students using the Online Academy.


Order the number of exams you wish for your current course and download all the documents you need for a successful exam.


Step 1:  Order the number of exams you ‘currently’ need at $25 each/per student (with 1 retake available at no cost).  Credit Cards and Purchase Orders will be accepted.

Step 2:  Download the Instructor Guide and  “Student How To Take Test” pdf after purchasing – and the current password.

Step 3:  Enter the exam site and follow sign-in directions using the password given. NECC Exam lower right corner.

Step 4:  Student scores are sent to the student and NECC Manager upon completion.  Instructors must track their own student scores and the number of tests taken.  Students scoring over 70% print scores and certificates.  Teachers are responsible for archiving student scores.  Teachers are responsible for tracking the number of exams used. Additional tests taken will be billed accordingly at the $25/student exam rate.

Step 5:  Retakes!   Teachers/instructors should go over the incorrect questions with each student.  Discuss the problem areas and the correct answers,  and students should retake the exam only when fully prepared to do so, using the same student email and password.  Only one (1) retake is allowed at no cost.  The NECC Manager will be notified of each new exam that is started.  Exam certifications will not be generated or stored.  Scores are archived on the NECC exam site.