Dispatchers Continue to Work To Exhaustion

Unfortunately, hiring and retention challenges continue to plague 9-1-1 centers nationwide. Due to ongoing staffing shortages, and mandatory overtime, the burn out rates are exceptionally high. There is a lot of effort put into hiring and training but it doesn’t seem to be working. What if there is another way?

We believe that it is imperative that 9-1-1 agencies start working with high schools and colleges in their area to partner in offering pre-employment courses for a career in 9-1-1.

Students that complete/graduate from a 9-1-1 career course walk away with a better understanding of what it entails to be in the profession. Of course, it is rewarding, but it also comes with it’s challenges. Let’s not forget – there is a lot to learn and it is a very fast paced working environment. No day is the same. Lives are at stake. Do they really have what it takes?

9-1-1 communications centers would absolutely benefit from 9-1-1 career course graduates! Aside from vastly improving the candidate pool, hiring course graduates would lessen training time, reduce training cost and improve retention rates.

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