Dispatch simulator training

Why Simulation Training?

Our simulators were developed with the newcomer in mind. They are built with a generic CAD system that allows trainees an opportunity to develop their skillset using real life scenarios without the risk to the public and emergency personnel.

Our simulators provide an opportunity for learners to establish and develop a workflow through a simulated call taking process, using a generic CAD. Each call generates a report with time stamps and an audio recording.  It is a great assessment tool.  You can also dispatch calls, too. If you want a trainee to go through the whole call taking process and see it through to dispatching the appropriate units, adding units, status changes and closing the call etc. This can be helpful in making a call receiver an even better call receiver. Sometimes seeing the big picture can help provide a better understanding of why it is critical that we ask the specific questions we do, in the order in which we do.

The simulators are a one-time cost and do not require annual fees. They are plug and teach, customizable and come with a one-year equipment warranty and a lifetime software warranty.

9-1-1 dispatchers that train on the simulators are better prepared for the complexity of agency specific CAD systems.  We are confident that our simulators will improve your training program. Get ‘floor ready’ with our 9-1-1 Reality Simulators!

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