9-1-1 Emergency Communications Study Sheets


With the 9-1-1 Emergency Communications Manual and these Study Sheets you can document understanding of the FULL scope, duties, responsibilities, safety issues and history of 9-1-1.


Do you want your trainee to REALLY understand the full scope of the work of Emergency Communications?  Then provide them with the book and these FREE Study Sheets.  And if you download the sheets and offer them to your trainee without the book, well – then you can find out how very comprehensive and current the books 300+ pages of information is.

When using the 9-1-1 Emergency Communications Manual for new hires, this is a perfect way to document their understanding of all facets of the work – as explained in the ten units of study.  The study sheets forever answer the problem of those new to 9-1-1 understanding ‘what they are getting into’.  This foundation is necessary and often missed as we rapidly progress the trainee through the process to get to the floor.