9-1-1 Under Pressure – Workbook *BEST SELLER*


I  rarely read a book cover to cover –  couldn’t put this one down. Brett, Sgt West Palm Beach PD.  Now in form format for easy answering surveys.

Podcast 9-1-1 In the Trenches, interview with Sue Pivetta.




“I  rarely read a book cover to cover –  couldn’t put this one down.”  Brett, Sgt West Palm Beach PD. 

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Because stress is PERSONAL- so is this workbook.  For less than a ‘one-day’ stress workshop, you can allow your staff or yourself to explore stress from an internal and personal viewpoint – at the console! No overtime, no schedule, just provide each person with an inspiring guide to personal responsibility for stress management and common sense thoughts through personal reflection surveys and exercises.

9-1-1 Under Pressure is a personal e-workbook with ten chapters and ten personal fill-in exercises.  Use Adobe Reader to fill in the form or print out the pages, take the personal exercises, and LEARN about the most crucial person in the Comm Center YOU.  Be the ONE to lead, to have a long and lasting wonderful career.  But haven’t you been lectured enough about stress?  Sue has been there and done that; hated it.  “In one workshop, the person hired to de-stress us gave us all the animal designations. Standing in front of each one of us, he labeled us.  I think I was a giraffe. Maybe it was an elephant or a jackel; I don’t remember.  I wanted to say to his annoying face…and you are a donkey.” 


UNIT ONE Understanding Your Stress PERSONAL EXERCISE – Wondering if you need to leave? These surveys will show you where you are in your work life, your career and desires, and where you would like to go or should you stay.

UNIT TWO This Wild Calling PERSONAL EXERCISE – Workplace survey. Isn’t that a stressful job? But honestly, it isn’t the ‘work’ – stress may be the workplace. True or not?

UNIT THREE Know Thy Self  PERSONAL EXERCISE – Your life values and purposes survey. Have you ever taken just a moment to think about what you value, your purpose, and what you need to fulfill your life, and is that happening now?

UNIT FOUR Neutralizing Negativity PERSONAL EXERCISE – Burnout survey. Are you surrounded by people who are negative, complaining, criticizing, blaming, and shaming? Or, painfully enough, are you the one who is burned out, and if so, what do you need to do about that to have a long and happy career?

UNIT FIVE Us Versus Them  PERSONAL EXERCISE – Your conflict style. We all react differently to conflict. Each ‘style‘ has its place depending on the situation. Find out how your style may affect your worklife.

UNIT SIX Difficult People PERSONAL EXERCISE – Your own attitude survey. This survey is how you see yourself. Do you have an optimistic outlook on life? If you do great, if not why not.

UNITS SEVEN Your Body PERSONAL EXERCISE – Console Yoga. Physical health is so very important for our caregivers. You need to be physically healthy to keep the promise of 911. Working shiftwork, eating habits, exercise and stretching after sitting for hours are all things to consider.

UNIT EIGHT I Can’t Get Past It PERSONAL EXERCISE – Compassion Fatigue Survey. We know what you do. You handle calls that in the real world outside of 911 would break a heart. What about you?

UNIT NINE Stress-Less Tips PERSONAL EXERCISE – Just for today! Most likely you have many ways to avoid being burned out, overly tired, negative and unhappy. Here we go through many tips including the exercise JUST FOR TODAY.

UNIT TEN Going Deeper  PERSONAL EXERCISE – Are you living your life purpose? What a great opportunity to take a moment to learn more about YOU and who you are, what you want and where you are going. We love this exercise – mandatory.