5 Call Taking SKILLS Exercises


BEST SELLER  “Learning 9-1-1 can be and should be fun.  Listening isn’t learning and telling isn’t teaching.”  Sue Pivetta


These are great skill-building exercises for call-taking and radio – split ear, and multi-tasking.  Download upon ordering.

  • Taking Descriptions – People and vehicles showing the learner the ‘cadence’ of descriptions given over the radio
  • Phonetic Practice: A series of famous and not so famous names spelled phonetically. Gets faster and faster. Alpha Bravo Version Included.
  • Multi Task Split Ear: This our most popular, used by many agencies for hiring. Extremely difficult. Alpha Bravo Version Included.
  • Prepare To Copy – Attempt to locate or Bolo examples and questions
  • Dexterity – card game following directions.  Print out the cards for a table top exercise – demonstrates the ability to follow fast directions and manual dexterity.

Fantastic addition to your entry level training class or academy! A favorite best seller. Download the pdf and audio for each when you receive an email approval.  Site License allows the purchasing agency to use the material as they own and prohibited from distributing the material to any other source.