Compassion Fatigue for 9-1-1 ‘Survey’ (PTSD)


“If you ever feel as though you are losing your sense of self to those you serve — you may be suffering from Compassion Fatigue.  Yes, it has a name and it’s very real and can lead to inner emotional turmoil.  We offer this book free as our expression of appreciation for our amazing 9-1-1 tribe. ” 


eBook (28 pages) was written for those that work answering 9-1-1. In addition to true training on compassion fatigue, what it is, how to recognize it, and what to do about it – there is a personal survey for those who may be experiencing this condition specifically for our 911 professionals. Great In Service Survey!  Also PTSD Bonus section.

This product is truly a must-have for your professionals. Beautifully designed, insightful, and targeted for ‘this’ audience by understanding the specialized pressures and sadness that often comes from dealing with life crisis on the front line.

Here is a link to a GREAT video as well – .