Customizing Kit For 9-1-1 NEW Reality Owners

9-1-1 Reality is fully customizable before or after delivery for a true entry level ‘experiential’ learning.





Your 9-1-1 Reality is delivered with approximately 50 addresses for the city of your choice already installed.  We will forward your addresses to you in an ACCESS file (ali.mbd) that you can modify at a future date.  You can also find that file on C: INSTALLATION FOLDER.We have added 4 of the same location so students can practice an active shooter or an MCI with multiple callers and a multiple response.

OR SOME AGENCIES WANT NO ADDRESSING so trainees must enter the address. You can also leave the addressing blank if you want your students to enter the addresses and not auto populate

With mapping on the PLUS we find longitude and latitude at so the map can come up with the call. Here is the template to create  your own. Make Your Own Addressing With This Template (do not change field names or add any).Return to use this link to modifying after delivery. 


These are direct dial to Gas Company, Ambulance, Power Company, Fire Station etc.  To change before delivery, within 7 business days send a list of 9 commonly called direct dial lines to us in an email to

To change after delivery you will need to email for help


We have DEFAULT Call Types (Apco and IAED mixture).  To change and add your own call types or responses fill in this Excel worksheet Download TypesAndUnitsTemplate and send it before delivery within 7 business days from your order. Note there are two pages on the xls template – call types and units (can be responses).  You can also modify the current default xls. TypesAndUnitsNEW

This XLS file when opened has two tabs – one for call types (burglary, theft, house fire) and one for responses (Patrol, K9, Engine, Full Response). We suggest at this level use RESPONSES.

If you wish to change or create your own call types or responses AFTER DELIVERY use Sim Database Mgr Only to add -or change them. Call types must be installed on both student and instructor.  This exe app is provided in a folder on YOUR 911 REALITY desktop under Customizing.


You can rename the phone line labels, and radio labels, and add wav files to sound effects by sending an email with requests asap to