The Exceptional Trainer


BEST SELLER for Comm Center Trainers!


OUR BEST SELLER   Written by a former Comm Center Trainer, for those who love training, or want to love training.  Purchased in bulk for agency trainers.  Never goes out of style – always and forever relevant in this amazing unique setting.  Sue speaks to trainers as the most valuable asset in the Comm Center.

Quotes from Sue Pivetta – THE EXCEPTIONAL TRAINER

*We should not train our Telecommunicators to ‘be’ like their trainers, but to ‘think’ like their trainers.

*Critical thinking involves challenging assumptions — therefore involves inquiry. Don’t tell them, ask them.

*People are not able to contribute to their own learning when they are trying to ‘survive’ while not being nurtured to ‘thrive’.

*An exceptional trainer is a kind mentor.

* Simulation is the firing range for this profession. Training without simulation is like an officer pointing his finger and going ‘bang bang’ .

* The 9-1-1 trainer’s only job is to facilitate a safe adult learning environment for the learner — following current adult learning concepts and methods for effectiveness. The learner — if allowed — can be the person responsible for learning.

* Regarding the floor atmosphere I ask you, “What are your trainees learning without your permission?”

We shovel information into the trainee and then fill out a DOR that tells them what they learned. No, learning is a private business — you need to ask ‘them’ what they learned, what they saw, how they feel, what they saw, need to know, and how you can help them.

The most powerful learning for any of us is ‘discovery’. Therefore do not do too much for your learner.