Scripted Calls Best Practices (3 POLICE) Best Seller


“Ask learners, might this man be alive if the call taker had asked different questions, been more in control?“— Sue Pivetta, Workshop Leader



“Over the years I taught many very fun and informative workshops, but by far this was the best.  So fun and enlightening. This is why I am sharing it with our amazing trainers.”  Sue Pivetta

“I really enjoyed the new view of control as kindness, compassion and empathy.”— Ken Tobin, City of Salem 911

Modeling 9-1-1 calls.  Trainers can use these 9-1-1 calls as Call Taker Entry Level, Train the Trainer, or retraining.  The 9-1-1 Scripted call, the Best Practices, and the worksheet for learners total a minimum two-hour course.  This will depend upon the number of learners and the depth of the discussion about the call.  Or just use them for in-service for train the trainer.  Below are very brief  TRAILERS to give you an idea of the value of this method of training skills!

If you play TEAM HATS this is a 4-hour or all-day course for Telecommunicators or TRAINERS. Here are trailers for the calls used in the HATS workshop you will download.    Scroll down to see comments from trainers who completed the HATs workshop.  You need to set up ‘team tables’ of up to 3+ people who work together only after hearing the call and before the trainer’s input or the best practices.  The team can only RATE the call according to their colored hat – nothing else. You will download each scripted call, the HATS workshop and a critical thinking review sheet.

Note: The videos are too large to send with the order, once you order a link will be sent to download your zip file with all videos. You will receive the exercise here

These are the comments from a HATs Workshop in Ore.

I enjoyed this class. I support current and new classes that are not only usable in training but also in supervision!— Ken Tobin, City of Salem 911

I am reminded of how proud I am of being able to do a job that is so complex.— Lindy Labunski, Yamhill Communications

Thank you for making this so interactive! Great class!— Sally Copeland, Coumbia 9-1-1

I learned how incredibly important critical thinking is in our profession. I know what it means to USE critical thinking and how to break down the problem solving mental process.— Dana Mooney, Willamette Vally 9-1-1

Using our hats to break down everything ..our brains do all the time.. made it easy to understand the concepts that are important ..especially good for trainers and supervisors.— E. Granger, Wahkiakum Sheriff

Very informational. Great training tool. Good ideas and approaches. I learned to think differently while handling a call. I learned to see different angles of a call. I learned to teach how to think and not how to act.

I learned to make deliberate decisions based on best and past practices. Learned we have TOOLS.
— Rosa Antonine Norcom 9-1-1

I enjoyed the class and content, very interesting to see the different hats and how to look at things!
— Darnell Hooper, Columbia 9-1-1

I learned concepts of thinking about people, situations from multiple perceptions at the same time.

All the concepts had value, this was really a great learning experience.
— Heidi Vaughn Columbia 9-1-1

I really enjoyed the new view of control as kindness, compassion and empathy.— Ken Tobin, City of Salem 911