Video Training – Way To Go – Voice As A Tool


Critical Thinking?  …the objective analysis and evaluation in order to form a judgment.


Sister Shot 20 Min training Tool- handled well by a trainee with missing questions and issues that are pointed out, yet she was connected and used her voice to keep him connected.

Suicidal Molester 20 Min Training Tool– without a doubt the best call for 9-1-1 voice training, her voice was used perfectly for the different needs in the call – let the learners decide – what worked what didn’t, what were the inflections used, could this be their own great TOOL?

Get these for training critical thinking, what worked, what didn’t, what could have been better, and what learners should model.  We break down every call as to why. These two MP4 files can be downloaded here after ordering, your download page will appear or contact for a link.