Q: Does the simulator have security, does it go online?

A: The simulator has a router with security.  The only reason to go online is for mapping.  The BASIC model does not have mapping and links one station to another.  None of the stations use wifi as they are hardwired stand alone systems.

Q: Can we use our own computers and just load the software?

A: No – with 15 phone lines, two radio channels, sound effects and a recording studio you can imagine there are many ‘settings’ that allow everything to work perfectly for years to come.  We deliver the stations with all the settings right and within an hour of setup you are READY TO TRAIN.

Q: Do you come out and set them up?

A: Sure, we will come and plug them in – because that is all you do.  So many cords, so many holes – plug everything in – watch the tutorial videos and BAM ready to do great things for your agency.

Q: Can the stations work with our CAD program?

A: No need.  Remember we are taking trainees back to the foundation, basics of the amazing of 9-1-1.  In our pre-CAD the muscle memory and entry is the same format as any of the 20 CADs we studied in the creation of 9-1-1 Reality.  Let them learn easy and progressive.

That said two of our owners do use their own CAD with the phone and radio. Setting the simulator next to the CAD and calling in and dispatching on the radio.

Q: Can we use our own headsets for the stations?

A: Yes – you can ‘replace’ what is sent on any piece of the hardware except the computer.  The router is programmed so if you need to replace the router request the setup instructions.

Q: What does the warranty cover?

A: There is always a one year -with more possible at cost- on the equipment. Software is covered for life of the computer if used as required.  Read more here. Warranty Repairs

Q: Is there a yearly fee for upkeep and do I have to pay for upgrades?

A: At this time we do not charge for upgrades or new builds. We are always improving and making changes if problems exist – we want you to have the best system ever. We provide phone assist, email, chat and online assist and full video tutorials for any upgrades or new build install (it’s easy).