Q: What is a site license? Can I use the DVDS, games,eBooks at other locations?

A: No, site license means license at your site only. Any sharing or sending of this material will be in violation of copyright laws.

Q: Am I ordering computers with software on them?

A: Yes – these are Lenovo mini desktop computers with Lenovo screens and all the cords you need to connect them with very clear and easy directions. Within 30 minutes you will be teaching – literally plug and train. There are video tutorials and User Manuals sent and pdf on the stations. In the event you have an aversion to How To anything – call us for help 253.435.0911.

Q: Do you need to install computers at our site or do I need my IT department to install them?

A: No but if you feel more comfortable IT can come down and push buttons and read the install and start up and testing material and help you. We suggest you go to our CALENDAR and sign up for your personal training online. These stations were created for plug and train by design – we were teachers too and know what happens when you need IT.

Q: Can I put your simulation software on my computers?

A: Possible but no cost savings – the stations have 16 phone lines, 2 text to 911, 2 radio channels, sound effects and a recording studio. The simulation software cannot be put on any computer. Size matters. Every computer we sell for the simulation must be programmed and setup to communicate to another station. If you have a complete computer lab and want us to come program them – our staff would need to come and program each computer to be used exclusively for our software. Again, possible but at no cost savings.

Q: Can we use our own headsets for the stations?

A: Yes

Q: What does the warranty cover?

A: There is always a one year -with more possible at cost- on the equipment. Software is covered for life – will re-program your computer in the event the files are deleted. The equipment must be shipped at your own expense to us to and must be in perfect working order.

Q: Is there a yearly fee for upkeep and do I have to pay for upgrades?

A: At this time we do not charge for upgrades or new builds. We are always improving and making changes if problems exist – we want you to have the best system ever. We provide phone assist, email and online assist and full video tutorials for any upgrades or new build install (it’s easy).